The next step to sustainable products is refilling.

By doing so you are contributing to the planet by reducing the waste that goes to landfill.

Use our tubs as much as you can with our Refill system.

As we try to be as sustainable as possible, we would love to be able to have the sachets sent back to us for future refills, but at this time we figure the less handling the better. If this is something you would be interested in doing, please hang on to the refill sachets we send you, as it could be viable to use these in the future, once the risk of COVID-19 settles.


Curlture Moisture Gel Refills come in 500ml and 1L recyclable lightweight pouches which you can decant in your Curlture Jars.


In order to buy refills, you should have bought a Curlture Jar first, as the refill pouch is not designed to dispense and hold the product for longer periods of time.


We ensure that all our refills are done with the minimum contact possible, having the product dispensed directly into new pouches and sealed immediately.  Your bottles should be thoroughly cleaned before decanting your refill pouch into it. We are not responsible for any cross-contamination.


With this solution, we avoid cross-contamination and minimise the cost of shipping back and forth of your containers. 


*For a full list of ingredients and how to use the product please refer to the specific product in our online store


Refill Kit


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